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Scrubs Care Instructions

Easy care for your OMARA Scrubs
Your medical scrub is designed to keep you warm, comfortable and clean but it still requires care and extra hygienic  attention to ensure good infection prevention. If you want to increase your medical clothing's lifespan you need to ensure good laundry practices that are suited for your medical scrubs.
There are several factors that can ruin quality & lifespan.
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90 degrees wash

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Overnight soak

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Damp & Mould

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Mixed Wash

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Pre-treat Hard Stains. Use your favorite stain removal brand. Recommended products include VANISH ® for stain & odour removal & color boost or NAPISAN ® non-biological for sensitive skin.
Machine wash warm, normal cycle.
To preserve quality, use small quantity fabric softner. Do not use chlorine bleach or mixed washing with color-run clothing. Tumble dry on low heat.
Dry cleaning is not needed.
Routine laundry is adequate. If dry cleaning or professional cleaning is preferred, request for little or no starch.
Spots Removal.
Remember, in case of spots of any kind – oil, ink, wine, food, paint – remove them as soon as possible to avoid staining the material permanently. Use a dedicated cleaning product only on the affected surface.
Do not over-dry when machine drying. Over drying can cause wrinkling, puckering, harshness and excessive shrinkage. You can prevent over drying by tumble drying only to the damp stage, then hang on a clothes hanger for final air drying.
Medium Heat Ironing needed.
Remove from dryer before end of cycle, fold or hang for a wrinkle-free appearance.